Australia Tibet Council

Make a gift of hope for Tibet

The children of Tibet are looking into the future with hope. They know that truth is on their side. And their culture based on compassion and wisdom is there to guide them along the way.

But they also know this hope can be fleeting at the best of times. After all, every day they see the loss of their culture, land and way of life in their homeland. And feel how unjust the world can be.

We can show there is a better, kinder world out there. Please donate to ATC’s End of Year Appeal.

We are aiming to raise $50,000 to fund our campaigns for 2020. Whether it's $10 or $100, every dollar will be an investment for Tibet’s future.


What impact will your donation have?

$25 will help ATC expose China’s lies and educate the Australian public and the international community about the real situation in Tibet and the threats to Tibetan culture, way of life and the environment under China’s rule.

$50 will help ATC lobby the Australian Parliament and Government to stand up for Tibet and make human rights an important part of our relationship with China. In particular, work on an Australian legislation to secure access to Tibet and end the isolation of Tibetans from the rest of the world. 

$100 will amplify Tibetan voices and ensure their aspirations for freedom and justice are heard by the international community.

$300 will help ATC undertake targeted campaigns to challenge China’s influence in Australia and those whose actions sustain China’s occupation of Tibet.

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