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We are working towards a new era of Australian support for Tibet in 2019. And it starts with the federal election.

We are taking our voices to the political candidates and parties to show Australians care about Tibet. They are listening right now. It’s our chance to speak up.

China will do everything they can to influence our politicians. And they have an unlimited amount of money at their disposal.

Every donation, big or small, will help fund this important campaign.

Your gift today will:

1. Empower our community: The ATC team and our supporters will meet face to face with political candidates across the country.


2. Amplify our voices: We will do media outreach to ensure that our messages are amplified.


3. Secure commitment: We will ask political parties where they stand and what they will commit to doing when they come into the office.

We do not receive funding from any government or interest group. We are 100% reliant on individual Australians like you who care about Tibet and want to see justice.


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