Australia Tibet Council

Keep Tibet in your heart this holiday season

Every year we take steps closer to reaching our dream of a free Tibet. Together we are making an impact — amplifying the voices of Tibetans, lobbying politicians to call out China’s abuses at international forums and cutting through propaganda to raise awareness about the real situation in Tibet.

As the year draws to a close and before celebrations begin, let’s take a moment to reflect and make sure the world does not forget about Tibetans who are forced from their ancestral land and forbidden from speaking their language or living their cultural and spiritual identity.

Will you help us gather momentum to have even greater impact with our campaigns for a free Tibet by donating to our end-of-year appeal?

As a way of saying thanks and showing how much your support means, we will be sending high-quality Tibetan prayer flags to people who donate $100 or more. They were especially made for our supporters by a Tibetan refugee family in India. Tibetan prayer flags symbolise peace, compassion, wisdom. Hang them on your balcony or in your backyard. Tibetans believe the mantras will be spread by the wind and bring peace and compassion for all.

Below is what your donation can do.



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