Australia Tibet Council

Say NO to Chinese communist propaganda in our schools

Should the Chinese Government be allowed to shape what Australian students are taught in our schools and universities?

Right now, through its network of Confucius Classrooms and Confucius Institutes, the Chinese Government is infiltrating our schools and universities, spreading a distorted view of China and silencing discussion on Tibet, Taiwan, Falun Gong, the Tiananmen Square massacre and other uncomfortable truths. By the Chinese Government’s own admission, these programs are part of its overseas propaganda setup.

Under the guise of language classes, they are used to influence academic discourse and shape global public opinion on political and human rights issues. Australia’s young minds should be taught to think independently, free from such interference. It is unacceptable that the Chinese Government, or any government, should be allowed to shape our learning environment in this way. There are 14 Confucius Institutes at Australian universities and 67 Confucius Classrooms across Australia.

The good news is the NSW Government is undertaking a review of these controversial programs. We have an opportunity to ensure our voices are heard at this critical time, and to defend the integrity of our schools and universities.

Petition to NSW Minister for Education

The NSW Department of Education risks being complicit in the propaganda efforts of a repressive foreign government and undermining cherished Australian values of academic freedom and freedom of expression.

We are asking your Government to shut down China’s Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in our schools. 

Say NO to Chinese communist propaganda and defend the academic freedom of our schools.

Signed by Tibetans, Chinese human rights activists, Falun Gong practitioners, Australians with Chinese heritage and supporters across Australia.